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Providing Retirement Education Courses

Attend this Two-Session Course
and Learn How to:

Identify the primary threats to your retirement savings

Plan your retirement income to preserve a comfortable lifestyle

Afford and enjoy travel, hobbies, sports, crafts, socializing, business ventures and lifelong learning

Align your investments with your attitudes, risk tolerance and objectives

Apply strategies designed to increase Social Security retirement benefits

Calculate whether you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA

Maximize tax efficiency of withdrawals from mutual funds and IRAs

Evaluate and plan for health care, long-term care, incapacity and end of life decisions

Refresh Your
Retirement Plan Today

Please join us for a two-session course where you will learn valuable strategies to refresh your retirement plan.
Class sizes are limited so register today! Advance registration is required.
Class registration fee is between $39-$49 depending on location and comes complete with a 145-page textbook with examples and illustrations, which is yours to keep.

Retirement 101 strives to provide in-depth financial education to members of our communities on personal financial concepts that are critical for families and individuals to achieve and preserve their financial independence. Retirement 101 will assist local families and individuals to make better choices with their financial decisions, which will ultimately allow them to lead better lives.

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Who Should Attend?

This unique course focuses on the concerns, issues, and needs that are important to today’s retirees. Whether you’re planning for many years in the future or looking for immediate answers to financial concerns, this course provides an eye-opening experience.

What You Will Receive:

Retirement decisions are among the most important you will ever make. The information you receive from the financial media is often conflicted and biased. Our course material is presented in a clear, interesting and easy-to-follow format which allows attendees to be informed regarding their retirement decisions.

This course includes a detailed workbook containing case studies and self-guided exercises to help promote the learning objectives of course material. You may use the checklist and worksheets in this text to help guide your own retirement planning and use it as a reference tool for the years ahead.

This comprehensive course is instructed by a qualified financial professional who can draw from real life examples to answer your questions about retirement planning.

This is not a sales presentation. During this course you will be presented with objective, factual and applicable information without reference to specific financial products.

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Course sizes are limited
Advance registration is required
Only $39 or $49 depending on course selection
Includes 145-page textbook with examples and illustrations, which is yours to keep
Complimentary registration for a +1 guest of your choosing
Advance your financial knowledge today, do not hesitate!

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